PBDS Online - Assessment Module
Clinical Assessment
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If this is your first time logging on to this site from this computer, you may be asked to load one or more ActiveX Dlls.
 If you see a message at the top of your web browser similar to this:
You will need to install one or more DLL's before being able to successfully perform an assessment.

The ActiveX Dll's that you should allow to be installed are:  PMSIVID01.dll from Performance Management Services, Inc. and Adobe Flash Player from Adobe, Inc.

You will also need to insure that the PBDS Direct DVD Media v2.0 disk is in the DVD drive, or installed on your computer* before continuing.  If you do not have the DVD in the computer, the assessment will fail during the video simulation portion.

* Installing the DVD to your computer requires copying the entire contents of the DVD to the ROOT of your hard drive.  The install location is not necessarily the same as you would use for the PBDS Direct Installed version of the program.  If you cannot get the media files to work, please contact PMSI for instructions on how to accomplish this.
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